Business Overview

CITECH ensures your business success by utilizing the company’s know-how on certificate issuance and automatic document issuers that have been accumulated over a long period of time.

All over the country, you can find our CITECH issuer products  ranging from automatic academic document issuers to ticket issuing machines, information kiosk, ordering management systems, DID, and smart programs, etc. CITECH will commit to making greater efforts to provide users with more comfort when using our machines and systems.

Certificate Issuing System

More and more people are preferring to use automatic certificate issuers which have been proliferated by the government for enhanced convenience along with implementation of the e-Government system, and the parliamentary inspection team in 2002 recommended installation of such systems at places where high volumes of people tend to congregate on a regular basis.

The certificate issuing system by CITECH is able to solely focus on user convenience thanks to strength of the company owning the biggest market share in the industry and its functions such as mobile payments and audio support for the disabled which have been attracting a positive response.

Ticket Issuance System

Upgraded ticket issuer that prints tickets for diverse cultural services such as movie/performance theaters, sports stadiums, and concert sites based on receipts, including printing photo-card type tickets.

Kiosk management system

Remove kiosk management system for 24/7 unmanned and remote control to check and eliminate any errors remotely.

One administrator can manage multiple systems including distribution and update of frequently changed content. Integrated web-based remote control solution for easy and convenient terminal management and support for TCP/IP networks as well as real-time remote control and management.

In addition, the system supports linking with systems from other vendors for settlement and statistics.

Order management system

Improves satisfaction of customers by eliminating inconveniences from long lines at fast food restaurants, food courts and restaurants as well as satisfaction of the store owner by reducing labor cost in the long term.

Divided interface for event  information or advertisement for added promotional benefit

DID system

Existing images applicable to an e-display system of stores and food courts for easy editing by reflecting requirements from customers or store owners to save replacement cost and to add diverse effects to enable excellent cost saving and advertisement benefits.

Smartcare System

Provides optimal services to hospitals thanks to its many years of know-how and experiences of operating more than 10,000 beds as well as diverse applied services

Smart care system enhances the competitiveness of hospitals and brings forth positive results in and around the facilities

Many hospitals are improving the satisfaction of visiting patients with smart care systems and attracting more new patients.